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Are ByBlocks available for purchase?

Not quite yet. We’re just ramping up production of ByBlocks as more Blockers are sold and will have ByBlocks available to purchase shortly. 

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Have the Byblocks been tested?

Yes! ByBlocks have undergone initial independent testing for compression (PSI), R-value, and shear strength. However, since we continue to make improvements, additional testing will be conducted to ensure we meet the US and international-standard levels for building materials.

Over the years, ByBlocks have been used for a variety of projects including the construction of retaining walls in New Zealand and California, withstanding severe environmental exposure and multiple earthquakes, without showing any visible signs of stress or degradation.

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What types of unsorted plastic can the Blocker process?

The ByFusion patented Blocker processes all types (#1 – #7) of plastic, individually or mixed, clean or contaminated — with the exception of 100% Polystyrene (#6). Polystyrene and other “foamed” applications cannot be used in the ByFusion process due to a lack of structural integrity.

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What are the dimensions of the Blocker?

Our Community Blockers are a self-contained, standard size 40-foot shipping container.

Our Industrial Blockers are completely customizable to meet the plastic volume demands of any size operation.

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Does the Blocker require any special sound proofing?

No. The noise decibel levels are equal to an idling diesel truck – sound levels are fairly low, but protection is recommended.

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How much water is used during the process?

Water usage varies based on the model, with an average use estimate of approximately 2 liters per a ByBlock. Most Blockers have a tank that recycles water with high micron centrifugal filtering, allowing it to continuously use the same water supply for 10-16 weeks before screens, filters, and water need to be replaced.

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Do machine operators need special training and what are the safety hazards?

ByFusion service engineers will train and certify local operators during installation. A foreman with a background in basic mechanical systems and repairs is recommended.

Although designed for user ease and safety, the ByFusion Blocker is an industrial machine so proper health and safety procedures need to be followed at all times.

Before operating the Blocker a safety and emergency management plan must be designed and implemented according to local regulations.

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Does the ByFusion process use any chemicals or glues to create ByBlocks?

Our non-toxic manufacturing process uses no caustic chemicals and incorporates no binding agents or solvents. In some applications, we may be asked to add UV protectant or paint to the ByBlocks blocks during production. We continue to research multiple sources of natural, eco-friendly protective laminates, as well as plant-based dyes, paints, and resins.

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What is the fire-resistance rating of a ByBlock?

Our upcoming plans include a full array of ASTM fire rating tests based on internationally accepted standards — so stay tuned for more to come!

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