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"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it" – Robert Swan

ByFusion is a smart waste management company dedicated to transforming all types of waste plastic – both recyclable and non-recyclable – into alternative/green building materials.

Through a patented technological based approach, we enable communities, corporations and governments to realize a cleaner world, efficiently converting and directing an otherwise traditionally wasted material into a building block, thus eliminating environmental waste, saving millions of dollars, creating jobs, improving infrastructure and ultimately revitalizing even the most marginalized neighborhoods across the globe.

ByFusion Supports A Circular Economy

In contrast to a linear economy (‘take, make, dispose’ model of production), ByFusion believes in the merits of a circular economy and was created to promote greater resource productivity, aimed at reducing waste and avoiding pollution, by allowing otherwise disposed of material to flow back into the economy.

Public Benefit Corporation

We are passionate about our purpose and the commitment we’ve made to positively impact both society and our planet. We are driven by our belief in developing sustainable solutions to support our global environment – both for our world today and for future generations. ByFusion PBC is proud to be registered as a Public Benefit Corporation.

Our Values


Impact Our Planet in a Positive Way

In Every Decision We Make


Enrich People’s Lives

Both Ourselves and Others


Strive to Always Innovate and Collaborate

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Act with Integrity

How We Operate

Our Team

Heidi Kujawa

President and Chief Executive Officer

Heidi Kujawa leads ByFusion as President and Chief Executive Officer, driving ByFusion technology and products into the hands of as many people as possible to clean up the planet by permanently putting plastic waste to work. She joined ByFusion in 2015, recognizing its potential to disrupt the plastic waste management and recycling industries while also creating new jobs and infrastructure in communities that need it most. Passionate about mission-driven companies, she is a profound advocate for people and the planet.

Heidi’s background is a senior executive with the ability to think big, build loyal teams, deliver results and avoid costly mistakes provides a wealth of experience to foster ByFusion’s rapid growth and expansion across the globe. Her diverse portfolio that includes leading emerging practice areas in Big Four, real estate and technology companies, prove her capabilities as an agile trailblazer, strategic thinker, and ultimately, successful leader. Heidi oversees a diverse portfolio of businesses, creative boards and clients worldwide.

Working bi-coastally, Heidi enjoys her primary residence in sunny Los Angeles, utilizing RePlast on her property, wherever possible.

Tamer Makary

Chief Strategy Officer

Tamer serves as ByFusion’s Chief Strategy Officer developing innovative solutions and strategic partnerships with public companies, governmental organizations, NGOs and private enterprises. His deep understanding of emerging markets in Europe, Africa and the Middle East drives ByFusion’s smart waste management technology into sustainable alternative building solutions worldwide.

Previously, Tamer was with the Magrabi family group, serving in several capacities including CEO, Head of Merger & Acquisitions, and a member of the Board of Trustees. As Executive Director of the Magrabi Foundation, Tamer focused on providing high-quality, affordable eye care to some of the most marginalized communities in the Middle East, with the aim of effectively tackling, and one day eliminating, needless blindness.

Before joining Magrabi, Tamer enjoyed a successful career as an investment banker, advising a number of blue-chip companies, multi-national corporations and financial groups on developing and implementing their global strategic acquisition and financing plans, predominantly across the emerging markets. In 2008, he was awarded Banker Magazine’s European-Islamic Deal of the Year.

His strong leadership skills and commitment to social philanthropy was most recently recognized by his selection into the BMW Foundation’s Young Leaders Program. Tamer is also an active member of the ASHOKA Support Network, where he contributes his business development experience, and the ease by which he works closely, with like-minded individuals, from across the globe to effect positive, social change.

Tamer holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics & History from Columbia University. He currently lives in Dubai with his family.

Peter Lewis

Inventor and Chief Engineer

Many years ago in New Zealand, ByFusion’s inventor and Chief Engineer, Peter Lewis, was working on an innovative eco-friendly building system that used structural straw bales to build houses. Spawned from his own patented technology, he envisioned a machine that could address the global plastic crisis by utilizing all types of plastic waste, without sorting, to form an alternative building material. In 2000, Peter patented ByFusion’s clean technology that uses only water and air to create RePlast, the 100% upcycled plastic output. Wanting ByFusion to be accessible anywhere in the world, he designed the machine within a shipping container to allow his disruptive technology to be completely mobile.

Peter has been honored with numerous awards for ByFusion’s genius and impact on the planet, as well as his previous work with his own architectural and design business. Building on a degree in aerospace mechanical engineering, Peter continues to think big about the greatest problems of our time, making him one of the world’s most important “mad scientists.” He lives in Dunedin with his wife, near family and friends.

Alexandra Franzos

Partner Development

Alexandra’s role within Partner Development focuses on building mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships with strategic partners. Alexandra has more than 10 years of experience working in investment banking and funds management across Australia, the United Kingdom and the Middle East. During this time, she had the opportunity to explore her passion for social enterprise and impact philanthropy working with several NGO’s on project planning and implementation.

ByFusion, and its ability to help save our planet from plastic waste, immediately ‘struck a chord’ with Alexandra who grew up in a United Nations World Heritage listed rainforest in Mount Warning, Australia. Ecosystem and nature preservation are part of Alexandra’s upbringing and deeply engrained within her values; for her, ByFusion brings together a circular economy alongside social impact and environmental action.