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ByFusion is a smart waste management company dedicated to transforming all types of waste plastic – both recyclable and non-recyclable – into alternative/green building materials.

Through a patented technological based approach, we enable communities, corporations and governments to realize a cleaner world, efficiently converting and directing an otherwise traditionally wasted material into a building block, thus eliminating environmental waste, saving millions of dollars, creating jobs, improving infrastructure and ultimately revitalizing even the most marginalized neighborhoods across the globe.

ByFusion Supports A Circular Economy

In contrast to a linear economy (‘take, make, dispose’ model of production), ByFusion believes in the merits of a circular economy and was created to promote greater resource productivity, aimed at reducing waste and avoiding pollution, by allowing otherwise disposed of material to flow back into the economy.

Public Benefit Corporation

We are passionate about our purpose and the commitment we’ve made to positively impact both society and our planet. We are driven by our belief in developing sustainable solutions to support our global environment – both for our world today and for future generations. ByFusion PBC is proud to be registered as a Public Benefit Corporation.

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