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Apr 04

The 2016 Dive Awards For The Waste Industry

In 2015, Waste Dive predicted the six biggest waste industry trends for 2016, marking CNG usage, increased automated collections and declining commodity prices as industry-changing developments. However we couldn’t have…

ByFusion Blog
Nov 29

Byfusion’s Replast Blocks Named ‘most Disruptive Innovation Of The Year’ By Waste Dive

ByFusions’ RePlast blocks hav been named the winner of the 2016 Dive Awards: Most Disruptive Innovation of the Year by Waste Dive, a leading industry news publisher. With its 100%…

Aug 09

Can Ocean Plastics Make Homes For The Poor? One Company Wants To Turn Pollution Into Shelter.

ByFusion wants to turn ocean and other plastic pollution into useful and efficient housing materials. There’s no shortage of plastic in the ocean: un-recycled plastic from toys, containers, skin cleansers…

Aug 02

How startup ByFusion is turning plastic trash into a construction commodity By Cole Rosengren

New York-based startup ByFusion is turning plastic waste into construction blocks known as RePlast. The company’s technology can use any form of plastic, including marine debris, in its process…

Aug 01

Recycled ocean plastic could become the building block of the future: Eco-friendly treatment would transform floating waste into quirky, colorful construction bricks

More than 300 million tons of plastic trash is generated every year, but less than 8 percent of that waste is recycled. In fact, as much as 12 million tons…