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This is how
we save the world

Turning an environmental disaster into a useful product

The ByFusion Blocker transforms all types of plastic trash into advanced building blocks that can be used for housing & infrastructure

The ByFusion Blocker

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    Circular Economy

    Transform plastic waste into an advanced building material that can be sold for a profit.

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    Fits into a self-contained, easily transportable shipping container and can scale to meet the recycling demands of any population.

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    Superior Plastic Recycling

    The ByFusion ByBlocker is able to recycle and sterilize all 7 types of plastic — no sorting or pre-washing required.

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    Eco Friendly

    Our goal is to make the planet cleaner, which is why the ByFusion Blocker only uses steam and compression to create advanced building blocks.

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    Put Waste to Use

    Turn plastic pollution into a building solution.

The ByBlocks

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A ByFusion ByBlock shown on a white background, stronger than bricks, superior sound and thermal insulation than concrete, and made from recycled plastic.
  • Stronger than bricks

  • Every pound of ByBlock is a pound less plastic waste

  • Unbelievable sound and temperature insulation

  • Customizable density and configuration

  • Requires no glue or adhesives to use

  • 95% lower greenhouse gas emissions than concrete blocks, and won’t crumble under pressure

Help block plastic waste for good